How to Russify a telegram on an Android phone or tablet?

Telegram today is one of the most popular messengers for communication in the world, and it was created under the leadership of Pavel Durov – the very one who once brought to life the social network VKontakte.

Telegram is aimed at foreign audiences, although it is somewhat surprising to see the missing Russian language in localization. However, this does not mean that Telegram cannot be translated into Russian – as much as possible, but for this you will have to perform a few simple steps.

Launch Telegram App.

At the top of the window, click on the magnifying glass icon to open the search bar..

Write the word telerobot and the robot Anton will appear in front of you. That is what we need. Click on it.

The chat window will be displayed in front of you.

And here the fun begins. At the time of writing, the bot was offline, as a result of which it did not respond to requests.

If you believe the data found on the network, the Russification file can be sent only if the bot is online. Accordingly, we did not receive anything on the Locate android request, which must be entered to get the crack; If in your case the bot is online, then enter the phrase Locate android and get the file to download. Installation instructions – below.

For those who did not manage to contact the bot, we can offer another option. Enter the name of the telerobot_bot bot in the search, as shown in the screenshot.

We go into the chat with him and see that the bot is online.

Click on the Restart button.

The page will reload, the “Get Localization” button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on her.

Choose an operating system. In this case, Android.

Now choose a language – Russian.

An XML file has appeared, click on the blue button to download it.

The file has been downloaded. Now click on the button in the form of three dots (highlighted in the screenshot).

A menu will appear. Click Apply localization file.

Select the newly added Russian language.

The telegram now has Russification.

This manual can also be used for other operating systems, including iOS or even Windows..

P.S. You perform all the Russification actions at your own peril and risk, the administration is not responsible for these actions and their consequences.