How to scan a QR code on an Android phone?

A QR code is a bar code developed and presented by the Japanese company Denso Wave back in 1994. QR codes have recently become popular in our country. Using a barcode, you can encrypt quite a lot of information, for example, some address or web link. In order to read the information, it is enough to have a smartphone or tablet with a camera at hand. Today we will show you how to read these types of codes on Android devices..

What does the QR code look like:

It encrypted a link to a Google search engine.

There are also unusual QR codes, for example, with additional pictures or even logos, as is the case with the Wikipedia QR code.

Such a QR code is also very easy to read using the application. Which one? It depends on your smartphone, as well as the installed firmware on it. The fact is that in some cases the QR code scanner is already built into the firmware, so there is no need to install a third-party application.

Unusually implemented on early EMUI firmware: you need to unlock the main page of the screen and swipe up from the bottom of the window.

Then icons will appear, among which there is also a QR code scanner – select it. Application is running.

To scan a QR code, it must be placed in the specified frame. When you do this and the scanner captures the QR code, the scan result will appear immediately. In our case, the website address is encrypted, which you can immediately go to.

It will be open in the default browser (at least in our example).

What if you could not find a QR code scanner on your smartphone? Use third-party applications. Open Play Market.

In the search, enter the query “qr code scanner” (without quotes).

Select an application from the list.

For instance:

After installation, we act in exactly the same way: put the QR code in the frame and the system scans it, after which it gives the result.

Nothing complicated here.