How to set a password on an Android phone?

The latest Android smartphones almost completely began to equip a fingerprint scanner, perhaps, with the exception of very inexpensive models. Cool thing – put a finger and the device unlocked. No one can unlock your phone without you. But the trouble is, the fingerprint scanner on smartphones began to be installed quite recently, and therefore many even recent flagship smartphones do not have a scanner. It does not matter, in this case, the owner of the device can always set a password, which must be entered each time before unlocking the device. How to do this is in our article. First, show the process on Samsung and TouchWiz firmware, and then on stock Android.

We put the password on Samsung

Go to the “Settings”.

Here we are looking for the item “Lock Screen”.

We see the “Screen lock” section, click on it.

Here you will see the types of protection:

  • Swipe across the screen
  • Signature
  • Drawing
  • PIN
  • Password
  • No

To set a password, select PIN or Password. What is the difference? PIN consists of only four digits, security level – medium.

The password can consist of both letters and numbers, and their number can be almost any. This password is more secure, but PIN is more convenient to enter when unlocking..

Enter the password, confirm it. Now, when unlocking the screen, the system will ask you to enter a password.

We set the password on stock Android

The essence of the process is similar, except that the menu is modified, as well as the name of some items.

Go to the “Settings”.

We find the “Security” section, open it.

Select “Lock Screen”.

Next, select “Password” or PIN-code similar to Samsung.

We perform the same actions – enter the password twice and save it.

The device requires a password to unlock the screen..