How to set a photo on a contact in a Samsung Galaxy phone?

To set a photo on a contact on Android smartphones, including Samsung, it is necessary that this contact be linked to an account (also Google), and not stored in the memory of the SIM card – otherwise nothing will work. If the contact is tied to an account, then everything is in order. In this article, you will learn how to put photos on contact on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Go to the Phone app.

You can also open the Contacts application, but in this case there is no difference.

Open the Contacts tab.

Find the desired contact and tap on its avatar, for example:

The user page has opened. Click on the avatar.

Next you need to select “Camera” or “Gallery”. Usually the image is downloaded from the gallery, so we click on the button of the same name.

Choose an album.

Then – the image itself, for example:

The picture is given as an example. You can choose a specific place in the image, or you can leave it as it is. If everything is OK, tap Finish.

Click Save.

The selected image is saved for the specified contact..

Video instruction

So the subscriber is displayed in the “Contacts” section.

For other contacts, the image is added in the same way..