How to set an alarm on a phone or tablet?

In tablets and smartphones based on the Android operating system, there is already an alarm clock built into the OS, so you can not install a third-party one. Today we’ll show you how to find and enable it on your device..

First of all, we find the icon in the shape of a clock. If you have the Clock widget installed, you can tap on it.

A page with a clock will open in front of you, and at the top of the screen you will see various tabs. Select an alarm tab.

To set the alarm time, click on the plus sign.

Now you can set the time when the alarm goes off. Let it be, say, 08:10. After selecting the time, click on the “Finish” button.

We see that the alarm is set and turned on..

If you click on the “Repeat” button, you can configure the days when the signal will be triggered. For example, we remove weekends, leaving only weekdays.

By clicking on the button with the melody (highlighted by a gray arrow in the previous screenshot), you will be able to select a signal melody from the ones you have installed or from the ones you added to the device.

You can add several alarms at the same time, which will work at different times. In addition, in smartphones, you can set the vibration to trigger an alarm (in tablets, there is usually no vibration at all).

Of course, depending on the firmware, the alarm application may look different, but the meaning does not change, as well as the sequence of settings.

The Google Play Store has tons of all kinds of alarms. Does it make sense to install them? If you need a simple alarm clock, then hardly. However, third-party applications have several advantages. For example, some of them can show the current weather, and you can turn off the call in them if you shake the device.