How to set the clock and date on an Android phone?

Android is a modern operating system that does not stop developing. It is very convenient to use and simple enough. Of course, there are launchers in which it is easy to get confused, but these are isolated cases.

Despite everything, some users do not know how to change the date or time on their Android smartphone or tablet. Today we will tell you how to do it right..

We go to the desktop of the device and find the “Settings” icon. Tap on her.

Thus we find ourselves in a section with many settings. Do not worry. Lower the page down until you see the item “Date and time.” Click on it.

At the top of the screen you can see the inscription “Use network time”. This indicates that the device is synchronizing with the network, so you cannot change the date or time – these items are inactive.

What to do? That’s right, turn off network synchronization. Tap on this item and put a tick “Off”.

After that, we see that the items “Date” and “Time” have become active. To change the data, you need to click on one of these items.

Here’s what the date setting section looks like.

And so – the clock (time) setting section. When finished, do not forget to click “Finish”.

By the way, you can also uncheck the “Network time zone” item if you are afraid that problems will begin with the movement of the clock hands in spring or autumn, and then set the time zone yourself.

How to change time and date on Samsung Galaxy?

The principle is the same.

Go to settings and find the “Date and Time” section.

Uncheck the item “Automatic time detection”.

The items “Set date” and “Set time” will become active..

You can change them one at a time.

As you can see, nothing complicated.