How to set up speed dialing on an Android phone?

If you often communicate with certain subscribers, you can use the so-called speed dial. By pressing one key, you can immediately contact a particular subscriber. This is a very convenient feature. But not everyone knows how to make the initial setup. Let’s show an example on two devices at once: with stock Android and on Samsung Galaxy (TouchWiz).

Stock Android

Launch the Phone app.

In front of you you will see a list of recent incoming or outgoing calls, as well as a numeric keypad. We need it.

Press any number except one, and hold until a sign appears saying “No speed dialing, set up now?” (in our case, the inscription is in English). Click OK.

This will open the page with adding speed dial numbers.

Suppose you want to set the subscriber to the number 2 – accordingly, you need to click on it. Contacts will open (in some cases, the system may give a choice of what to open, for example, contacts or some application where contacts can be stored). To add a contact, just click on it once.

Please contact added to speed dial.

In exactly the same way, you can add contacts for all free digits..

Samsung Galaxy (TouchWiz)

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy, you can go the same way – by clicking on the number and holding it. But there is another way.

Open the “Phone” application, then press the “Menu” key – it is usually located under the screen. A menu will appear, in it select “Speed ​​Dial”.

Next you will see such an interesting graphic:

As you may have guessed, to indicate the subscriber you need to click on the desired number, after which you will be taken to the contacts section.

Click on the contact and it will automatically attach to the number you selected.

As you can see, nothing complicated, and there is no need to use third-party applications.