How to switch the language on the keyboard of an Android phone?

For devices based on the Android operating system, there are a large number of various keyboards that can be found in the Google Play Store. But regardless of the type of keyboard, you can switch to another language. How to do it – in our article.

The first thing to do is configure the languages ​​themselves. By default, two languages ​​are used – Russian and English, respectively, but you can replace them. To do this, go to the settings and select the “Language and input”.

Next to “Keyboard,” click on the pound icon, as shown below.

Now click on “Input Languages”.

Here you can select the necessary languages ​​for keyboard input.

Changing languages ​​in this way is done on all Android devices, adjusted for the interface (read – firmware).

Now go to the keyboard itself. In order to change the language, for example, from Russian to English or from English to Russian (depending on the languages ​​you have set), you need to click on the globe icon.

But so – not on every keyboard. On some, you need to swipe the space bar, as on the keyboard on Samsung devices.

You learned how to switch languages ​​on the keyboard.