How to take a screenshot on an Android phone (smartphone)?

For those who are not yet up to date or just forgot what a screenshot is, we remind you that this is an instant screenshot. It may be needed so that, for example, you can capture some moment taking place on the screen of your phone (smartphone).

It is not difficult to take a screenshot on a computer or laptop – just click on the Print Screen button on the keyboard. But how to make it on a device where there is only a virtual keyboard? There is a way and you don’t need any keyboard.

Those users who prefer the iPhone or iPad are well aware that a screenshot on Apple devices is made by simultaneously pressing the “Power” and “Home” buttons. In the case of Android, the situation is different. Since there are a lot of Android firmware versions, and all devices are different, manufacturers use a different key combination. Nevertheless, for most devices, including those that work on the basis of standard Android firmware, a screen can be done as follows: you need to simultaneously press the “Power” key and the volume down button. After about a second, a characteristic click will sound, and at the top of the screen you will see a corresponding notification. For example, you wanted to save a picture on the screen. As soon as you click, a notification will appear at the top of it:

And if you push the curtain, it will say that the screenshot is saved:

Of course, on your device you may need to hold other keys to create a screenshot. Here are all the options:

  • Power key and sound reduction button (this option is the most common).
  • Power Button and Volume Up Button.
  • Power Button and Home Button.
  • Home key and sound reduction button.
  • Home key and volume up button.

An example of the location of the buttons on the Nexus 5:

Other Android devices

Next, consider the options that are usually found on devices of popular companies.

  • On Samsung devices, a combination of the Home and Back buttons can be used. For some devices, for example, Samsung Galaxy, the combination of the “Power on” and “Home” keys works..
  • On devices from HTC, you should hold down the “Power” and “Home” keys, after which the screenshot will be saved.
  • If you use devices from ASUS or Acer, then you can use the standard combination – hold down the “Power” key and the sound reduction button.
  • Sony also has everything as standard – it uses a combination of the Power button and volume down button.
  • In the case of Huawei, everything is the same as that of Sony.

By the way, many companies began to add a button to create a screenshot in the drop-down menu (curtain). It looks like this.

On some devices like Samsung Galaxy Note, you can use an electronic pen to take a screenshot..

Screenshot Applications

Screenshots can also be made using third-party applications. True, there is one big BUT – for this you need to root the device. If you have root installed, then you can download from Google Play almost any application that allows you to take screenshots. In this case, a screenshot can be taken, for example, if you just shake the device. But if there is no root, then such applications may not download at all, since the maximum that they can do is tell you which buttons you can try to click to get a screenshot on your device.