How to take a screenshot on Honor?

A screenshot is a picture that accurately conveys everything that the user sees on the display at the time the screenshot was taken. In general, the function is very useful. A screenshot can be created on any Android smartphone, while the “recipe” for creation may vary. How it happens on Honor smartphones?

Using a curtain

Swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom to cause a curtain. In the curtain, find the “Screenshot” icon and click on it once to create a screenshot.

In this case, the curtain can be called up in any application. Perhaps the easiest and most convenient way.

Push buttons

Use mechanical keys – turn on and off the sound.

Click on them at the same time and wait about a second until you see the created image on the screen.

If the sound is on, you will also hear a corresponding click..

Knuckle Screenshot

Using this method, you can create a screenshot by swiping your knuckle across the display. It does not work on all firmware.

Go to Settings.

Find the “Management” section and go into it.

Click on the line “Movement”.

Tap on the item “Smart screenshot”.

And turn on screenshot creation.

Functional work description – in front of you.

Video instruction

Finger screenshot

Another option for creating a screenshot, which is not found on all versions of EMUI firmware.

Find the “Settings” application on the desktop and click on it.

Open the Management section.

Tap on the line “Movement”.

Click on “Three-finger screenshot”.

Turn on functionality.

To take a screenshot, you just need to drag three fingers across the screen.