How to transfer contacts from Android to Android?

If you purchased a new smartphone based on Android, then it is logical to assume that you would like to transfer all contacts from one device to another. How to do it? The Android operating system allows you to transfer contacts without any problems. Moreover, there is the simplest way with which we will begin.

Using a Google Account

In order to use Google’s services on Android, including the same Play Market app store, you must necessarily link your smartphone to your Google account. You can save your contacts to it, which is what most users do. If you add your current Google account to the new smartphone, then after synchronization all the saved contacts will automatically be on the new device, that is, you only need one thing – to link the new smartphone to your existing Google account. We will talk in detail about the process. Remember that if contacts are tied to a SIM card, first they will need to be transferred to your Google account.

To begin with, it is worth synchronizing data on the current smartphone, because, perhaps, synchronization is disabled. Therefore, we first connect to the Internet.

Open “Settings”.

Next we find the section “Accounts” or “Users and Accounts”.

Choosing a Google Account.

Turn on the item “Contacts” if it is disabled. And click on the “Sync” button.

Sync started.

Actually, the first part of the process is completed. Pick up a new smartphone, connect to the Internet, open “Settings” and select the account section.

Click on the “Add Account” button.

Choose a Google Account.

Enter the username and password for your account.

Next, open your Google account page and enable synchronization – first of all, contacts.

Check the phone book, numbers should appear.

Manually export contacts

This method of transferring contacts can hardly be called very convenient, but it’s quite working.

Go to the “Phone” or “Contacts” application on the current smartphone. Press the “Menu” button and select “Import / Export”.

Here – “Export to Drive”.

Confirm export contacts.

Choose where to export contacts from. Usually a Google account is used if contacts are attached to it.

The file was created and saved in the main memory, it can be seen using the file manager.

This file must be transferred to a new smartphone. You can do this using a computer (the file is transferred to the computer, then from it to a new smartphone), but this is not very convenient, so you can transfer it using Bluetooth. Select a file and click on three dots..

Tap on the line “Send”.

Choose bluetooth.

Select a new device to transfer data (do not forget to enable the Bluetooth module on it).

After transferring data import, click on the file itself in the file manager (already on the new smartphone).

You will be prompted to import contacts. Confirm action.

Choose a Google Account.

Process pending.

Contacts added to Google Account.