How to transfer photos to a memory card in a Samsung phone?

If you have collected a large number of saved photos in the smartphone’s memory, you can transfer them to the memory card (provided that the latter is supported by your touch device). How to do it on Samsung? That’s how.

First of all, I would like to remind you that Samsung smartphones allow you to save captured images directly to a memory card. To do this, insert the memory card into the slot, the slot into the smartphone.

Go to the Camera app.

Click “Settings”.

Select “Storage Location”.

And indicate the memory card.

If you want to manually transfer images, use the file manager “My Files”.

Click on “Images”.

Select the necessary images for copying or transferring by tapping them and holding with your finger for about a second. Then select “Transfer” or “Copy” – as necessary.

Return to the main page of the manager “My files” and select “Memory card”.

Select a folder or transfer files to the root of the flash drive by clicking “Move here”.

Files were transferred.

Video instruction

And to create a folder, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Create Folder”.

Enter her name.

Folder created.

Now photos can be transferred to it.