How to turn on a dark theme in YouTube?

Yes, Youtube also decided to use a dark theme, only it is called here “Night Mode” (at the time of writing). Using the night mode, it seems to us, will help reduce the strain on the eyes, and in general it can be called more convenient if you use the service late at night without backlight.

How to make a dark theme in YouTube on a computer?

Go to Youtube under your username and click on the profile icon.

In the menu that appears, click on the line “Night mode”.

And then turn on this mode using the switch. The background immediately turns dark.

How to make a dark theme in YouTube on an Android phone?

Just in case, update the Youtube app through the Play Market. Then go to the application.

Tap on the profile icon.

Next, open the “Settings”.

Here you need the item “General”.

See the line “Night mode”. Push the switch.

Video instruction

Here’s what a dark theme looks like on Youtube.

We like, even very.