How to turn on the flashlight on an Android smartphone?

A flashlight is a very necessary thing. The only problem is that it is almost never at hand. But this does not matter, because you can use the flashlight in your smartphone. You will learn how to do this from our article today..

In the vast majority of modern smartphones, there is a separate button for turning the flashlight on and off and it is in the curtain, which can be called up if you drag your finger from the top frame to the bottom. This is for ease of access. Here’s what the button looks like:

In the same Android 5 flashlight is located exactly under the curtain. True, let’s not forget that there are many different shells where a flashlight may not be. What to do? It’s okay, you can use a third-party application. Open the Play Market, enter the word “flashlight” into the search and see a lot of results.

We select the desired application and install it on the smartphone. We start, turn on the flashlight with the touch button and, voila, everything works: the flash is on.

In the screenshot, the Super-Bright Flashlight application from Suprax Inc.

By the way, some applications support non-standard functions. For example, you can enable the function when the flashlight is lit intermittently.

How to turn on the flashlight on Samsung?

Next, we show an example on a smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

Go to the list of widgets. Find a flashlight here.

Add the widget to the desktop by transferring it. Now, in order to turn on the flashlight, you only need to tap on the widget once.

In exactly the same way you can turn it off.