How to turn on the Internet on an Android phone?

Despite the popularity of smartphones around the world, there are still many adherents of classic push-button phones. And when a person has a smartphone, he often just does not know where and what to press to turn on the necessary function. So, not everyone knows how to turn on the Internet – we will show what needs to be done.

If we mean mobile Internet, then the user usually needs to do just a few simple steps, since the Internet settings usually come from the operator in an SMS message immediately after installing the SIM card, and are saved automatically.

Call the curtain by swiping the screen from top to bottom (some firmware by default support holding on the center of the screen). A curtain will appear in which you will see function icons. To enable mobile Internet, click on the “Data Transfer” button..

Function on.

And in the status bar you will see an icon. So, in our example, a 4G network is used, which is what the icon says.

It was, as they say, an easy way, but there is also a more difficult one – if for certain reasons the previously mentioned method does not suit you.

Go to Settings.

Click on the item “More”.

Select “Mobile Network”.

Using the switch we turn on mobile data transfer.

Internet is turned on, in the status bar you should see the corresponding icon. In fact, this method is similar to the first, only a little more expensive, if we talk about time. And of course, it is much less convenient.

Wi-Fi is turned on no less simply and also in two ways. You probably already guessed about the first one: lower the curtain and press Wi-Fi.

The smartphone will be automatically connected to the network to which it was previously connected.

If this is the first Wi-Fi connection, you need to act differently. In the settings menu, select the Wi-Fi line.

Enable Wi-Fi.

Select a network to connect and click on it.

After, enter the password for access.

If the password is entered correctly, you will connect to this Wi-Fi network.