How to turn on the phone if the power button does not work?

Oddly enough, users often come up with similar questions. They all try to turn on their Android smartphone by pressing the power key, but nothing happens. It is generally accepted that in this case, the power button simply does not work. But is it really so?

Not in all cases. Yes, pressing the power key (POWER) may not really turn on the smartphone, but this does not mean that the matter is in the button itself. We are aware of cases where a similar problem arose as a result of a software failure, and after the gadget was still launched, there were no more problems with the key. Another thing is if you drop the phone and after that it stops responding to pressing mechanical keys – it cannot be ruled out that there can be a breakdown. However, first things first.

Try turning on your smartphone

The first thing you should do is press the power key and hold it in that state. What time is it? It may last 10-20 seconds, and if nothing happened, hold the button for a minute or even longer. Practice says that it often helps.

Press the decrease or increase keys

Many of the users know that forcing a reboot or shutting down an Android smartphone is usually done by pressing the power key, as well as the sound reduction or increase keys. Here we advise you to press the sound reduction key and POWER at the same time for 10-20 seconds at the same time to turn on the smartphone.

If that doesn’t help, do the same, just instead of the volume down key, press the volume up key and POWER for the same 10-20 seconds.

In this case, the smartphone may turn on in one of the modes, usually it is Recovery mode. Already good, because it means that the problem is definitely not in the power button.

Now you need to restart your smartphone. This can be done using the Reboot or Reboot system now menu item..

How? Answer below.

Use charging

If the previous two options did not help you, use charging: just connect the turned off device to it so that the smartphone starts charging. After a while, it should turn on, and in normal mode. Alas, this method does not work in all cases..

But there is another way that works almost always. Take the charger, connect it to the network, then hold down the volume up or down key on your smartphone (it depends on which key combination is used on your device to load the recovery menu), and connect it to charging with the cable, while continuing to hold the adjustment key sound, for example:

What’s next? We need to open the recovery menu, so we are waiting for it to load, and it should boot if you did everything right. Next, in the recovery, select Reboot or Reboot system now – using the mechanical sound control button. As a rule, the action is selected using the POWER key, but it does not work for us. How to be Choose the Reboot or Reboot system now item and just wait – within 15-20 minutes this menu item will be selected automatically and the smartphone will restart in normal mode.

Users say that this method also works when you connect your smartphone to a computer or laptop.

Well, if you have TWRP recovery, consider yourself lucky – just click on the Reboot item (using touch control).

Using special applications

We will tell you about an application that allows you to turn on your smartphone using the volume keys – in case you were able to turn on the smartphone.

We go to the Play Market and using the search we find the Power button to Volume Button application. Download it, install.

We launch the application, put a tick next to Start Volume Power on boot up, and also click on the gear to display the message Volume Power is currently ebabled.

It should work. True, judging by the reviews, not all Android versions work.

Restart your smartphone using the command line

The most difficult way that requires some knowledge.

If USB debugging is enabled, try downloading the gadget in recovery mode using the command line – the ADB reboot recovery command will help.

This, of course, is not a solution to the problem, since the smartphone can boot only in the recovery menu, which is already good – with it, for example, you can select the Reboot item, that is, “Reboot” and the smartphone will boot in normal mode, as described above.