How to turn on the speakerphone on an Android smartphone?

Using the speakerphone on your smartphone is convenient if more than two people are talking. Well, or it’s just not convenient for you to hold the phone near your ear, but there is no headset nearby. In general, it doesn’t matter how and why you wanted to use the speakerphone, the more important thing is how to turn it on.

First decide who you will call. Go to the phone book.

Select a party and make a call. Dialing has begun. In this case, you can immediately turn on the speakerphone, for which click on the speaker icon.

The icon has changed color, the speakerphone works.

But what about an incoming call? You can use the speakerphone with an incoming call, but there is one feature. Look, here is the incoming call:

See the speaker icon? Do not look, she is not. However, it will appear as soon as you answer the subscriber:

And now you can safely turn on the speakerphone.