How to understand that the phone number is in the subscriber’s blacklist?

Modern smartphones have such a convenient thing as a black list. What it is? This is a special section where you can enter the phone numbers of those subscribers who are bored with their calls. At least from the current number they can’t reach you.

But what if you are blacklisted? Is there any way to find out? You can try.

  • In some modern models, when you call the number that blocked you, you will hear only one beep, after which the connection will be disconnected. Of course, this is not a guarantee that you are added to the black list. Call to call a couple more times and if exactly the same thing happens, the probability that you are in an emergency at the subscriber is about 95%.
  • On older devices, you can hear short beeps, as if the number is busy and the subscriber is talking to someone. When you call, you will always hear short beeps, which means blacklisting.
  • When calling some devices, you may hear something like “The subscriber is temporarily unavailable. Please call later. ” Again, when you make a number in an emergency you will hear it constantly.
  • On individual smartphones and phones, when calling a subscriber who has added you to the emergency, this is not displayed at all, that is, when you make a call, you hear all the same beeps. The subscriber with whom you are in the “block” does not even suspect that someone tried to call him from the black list (or he will receive a message about this, depending on the settings of his smartphone).

We figured it out. And how does the subscriber find out that he was called from a number that is blacklisted?

Some devices have special applications where you can see calls from the blacklist. For example, a smartphone Huawei / Honor. Open the Phone app.

Click on the “Menu” button.

In the drop-down menu, select “Blocked”.

Calls tab shows calls from blocked numbers.

In the “Messages” tab – messages from blocked numbers. This type of blocking is good because calls from numbers entered in the emergency do not make themselves felt.

In addition, such calls can be reflected in the form of icons at the top of the screen – in the status bar.

Telecommunications operators in some cases offer the opportunity to get acquainted with calls from the black list. Only there is a paid service, but there is a free one – you can find out directly from your operator.