How to unlock the microphone in Yandex on Android on the phone?

This unusual microphone question is usually asked by users who choose to use Alice’s voice assistant. The thing is that for Alice to work correctly, you must provide access to the microphone, which, in fact, the user must do. If he blocked access to the microphone, Alice will not be able to work correctly, namely, she will not hear the user and give answers to his questions.

We click on the icon to launch Alice (in our example, Yandex.Browser with Alice).

Next, you will need to provide several permissions, the most important of which is recording audio, that is, a microphone.

If permission is granted, there should not be any problems; Alice will function normally and answer questions.

But what if the microphone is still blocked? In this case, it’s tedious to manually grant rights, which you can do using the Settings application.

Find the Applications section.

Open an application with Alice, for example, Yandex or Yandex.Browser, as in our example.

Tap here on the line “Rights”.

Then turn on the “Microphone” using the switch.

After these steps, the voice assistant should start functioning properly..