How to untie google account from phone?

Today we’ll talk about how to untie an Android smartphone from a Google account, to which you need to bind it in order to use the synchronization and services of the Internet giant Google (without an account you can’t even download the application from the Play Market). It’s very easy to untie your account, however if you want to use it again after untying, you must remember the username and password, otherwise you will have to restore this data, which is not always easy.

To unlink an account from your phone, you must delete it from your device. Do not be afraid, the account itself is not deleted. Let’s show an example based on Samsung Galaxy.

Go to settings.

Find the section with accounts or accounts. In our example, it is called “Accounts”.

Click on the Google bar.

Next, click on your account (it looks like ********

A little lower is the button “Delete account”, tap on it.

The system will inform you that along with the “account” will be deleted contacts, messages and some other data associated with it. If you want to keep numbers or SMS separately, backup if necessary, only after that delete the account. Confirm Deletion.

Your smartphone is untied from your Google Account. You can link it to another account if necessary.

Second way

There is another way, but much less convenient is to reset the settings or Hard Reset. The problem is that when you reset the settings, all data is deleted, including even files that are stored in the device’s memory (photos, videos, music, etc.). In addition, for Android version 5.1 and higher, after resetting, you need to enter data from the linked account, that is, in essence, you will delete the account and then bind it again. However, if you have an Android version lower than 4.4, then there should be no problems.

To reset the settings, go to the settings section of your smartphone, find the “Reset” or “Archiving and Reset” subsection, as in our example.

Click Reset Data.

Next – “Reset Device”.

Finally, “Delete All”.

Resetting starts, it may take some time, after which you will receive your smartphone in its original form.