How to update Google Play services on Android?

If you use a device based on the Android operating system, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, you probably know that from time to time updates are released for Google Play services. Today we will talk about how you can update them on your touch device yourself.

But first, let’s update the Play Market..

Play Market Service Update

Turn on the Internet, preferably Wi-Fi with unlimited traffic.

Next, launch the Play Market.

In the application, tap on the “Menu” button.

In the menu we find the line “Settings” and click on it.

Tap on the line “Version of the Play Store”.

If there is an update for the Play Market, you will see the message “A new version of the Play Market will be installed”.

If there is no update, you will see “There are no updates for the Play Store”.

There is a more complicated version of manual updating, which should be used only in case of problems, for example, if the Play Market is not updated, although a new update has been released for it long ago – instructions on the next page.

How to update Google Play services on Android phone?

As for the Google Play services, they are updated automatically as soon as you connect to the network (mobile or Wi-Fi). However, some users turn off automatic updates through the Play Market, so services will have to be updated manually..

We launch Play Market, in the menu we select “My applications and games”.

Next is the “Updates” tab. Here you will see all the applications for which there are updates, including Google services, for example:

If you need to update a specific application, click on the “Update” button next to it.

Download and update automatically.

As soon as the application is updated, it will disappear from the “Updates” section.

If you want to update all applications at once, tap on the button “Update all” – in this case all applications for which there is an update will be updated, including from Google.

The update has begun. Please note that applications are updated one at a time..

For the future, we recommend that you enable automatic application updates. In the settings, select the line “Auto-update applications”.

And choose either “Any network” (if you have unlimited mobile Internet), or “Only via Wi-Fi”, if mobile traffic is paid.

After this application will be updated automatically.