How to update Play Market on an Android phone?

In general, by default, you do not need to do anything to update the Play Market – the application must update itself. In rare cases, failures occur when the application is updated only when you start the process yourself. How to do it? Now we will show you.

Connect to the internet. If you have a mobile unlimited – excellent, if not, it is better to use unlimited Wi-Fi, since it is not known how much traffic is involved in updating.

The next step is to open the Play Market app..

Click on the “Menu” button.

Tap on the item “Settings”.

Scroll down until you see the line “Play Store version” – you need it. Click on her.

Video instruction

If there is an update for the Play Market, you will see the message “A new version of the Play Market will be installed.” In this case, the application will be updated automatically, you only need to wait. In time, this can take as long as 5 minutes or several hours – probably depends on the bandwidth.

But if the latest version of the application is already installed, then you are waiting for the message “There are no updates for the Play Store”.

How to update Play Market manually?

Not everyone knows that the Play Market can be updated even if the latest version of the application is installed – just updates for it must first be removed. This may be necessary if the application does not work correctly, issues errors, etc..

While the Play Market does not need to be touched – go to the Settings app.

Open the list of applications.

Find and tap on the app called “Google Play Store”.

Now you need to find the button to remove updates. We have it hidden under three dots in the upper right of the page. Press.

Click OK to confirm..

Updates removal completed.

Now open the Play Market, go to the menu, select “Settings”, tap on the line “Version of the Play Store” and see a message that the Play Market will be updated.

And what will happen if you do not click on the line? In any case, the update should load automatically without user assistance. Another thing, if this did not happen, which may indicate a system failure.