How to update WhatsApp on an Android phone?

Applications on Android smartphones are automatically updated by default when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Some users disable this feature via the Play Market. We do not recommend doing this, especially since updates can block any dangerous “holes”. Moreover, individual applications without updating after a certain time stop working – and then you want it or not, but you will have to update the application. In this article, we will consider an example of updating the popular WhatsApp messenger.

We find on the desktop the icon of the Play Market store and open it.

Tap on the search bar, then indicate the word “whatsapp” (without quotes), click on the search button.

The “Update” button indicates that there is an update for this application. You can click on it.

Or you can – in the name of the application. In this case, the application page opens. Click Update.

Application is downloading.

Installed (updated). Please note that you do not need to do anything at this time, just wait – the system will do everything itself.

Instead of the “Update” button, “Open” appeared – this means that the application has been updated.

Clicking on this button will launch an updated version of the messenger..

Video instruction

And in order not to miss updates, turn on automatic application updates. All in the same Play Market, call the menu and select “Settings”.

Tap on the line “Auto-update applications”.

Select “Only via Wi-Fi” or “Any network” (in the latter case, updates will be downloaded including via mobile Internet). Then click Finish..

In our example, updates will be downloaded only when Wi-Fi is connected.

It’s better to enable downloading using a mobile network with a tariff unlimited in terms of traffic volume.