I forgot the pin code on the phone. What to do?

The PIN code (Personal Identification Number) can be called a password, it is used to authorize the user. Only the SIM card holder should know the PIN code, it should not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.

The PIN code on SIM cards is not always activated. Often, even mobile operators issue SIM cards on which PIN code input is disabled by default. If necessary, the user can activate it independently through the settings in his phone or smartphone.

The pin code consists of 4 digits, which, it would seem, are easy to remember. But it only seems, because if you don’t turn off and restart the device for months, the treasured numbers can easily fly out of your head.

What to do if you forget your PIN?

If you still managed to forget the pin code, you can use one of the proposed options.

Find the package of documents that you got with the purchase of the SIM card. It is in it that you will find information on the pin code. In addition, there you will also find the so-called PUK code. A Pak code is required to unlock the SIM card if you block it (it is blocked after 3 attempts to enter the wrong PIN code).

If you have blocked a SIM card, and you have a PUK code, you should not worry, because with it you can not only unlock your number, but also disable the PIN code, and even change it as you wish. Just do not forget that the PUK code, which consists of 8 digits, after 10 attempts to enter the wrong code completely blocks the SIM card and the only way out is to contact the nearest office of your service provider for help.

Some service providers provide a PUK code in an SMS message – if you do not have one. To do this, call the support service of your operator, identify your identity using passport data and ask for a PUK code.

It is possible that a simple password of the form 0000 or 1234 is set as the pin code. You must try to enter it with caution – you have not forgotten that the SIM card is blocked if the pin code is entered 3 times incorrectly?

Well, if all attempts have been exhausted, then you will have no choice but to go to the nearest office of the telecom operator and ask to replace the SIM card. Do not forget to bring your passport.