Instant Apps: what is the program that is being updated, and how to disable it?

A strange thing: it’s worth connecting your smartphone to the Internet, and it’s both mobile and Wi-Fi, as there are notifications about the update of some Instant Apps application. This does not happen with every connection, but the application is updated periodically. And the strangest thing is that you don’t even understand what it is and why it is being updated. Let’s figure it out together.

There is no secret here, although at the dawn of the update notification, many users took Instant Apps as a virus. In fact, this application is related to Google services and is not reflected in the section with applications (at least at the time of writing). Instant Apps is responsible for quick launch applications. Not understood? This is a special technology that allows you to run applications without installing them from the Play Market. This is necessary so that the user decides whether to install the application without installing it on his smartphone – by testing it. Agree, the idea is quite interesting. Instant Apps is updated automatically and you cannot disable it in the usual way. Surely this can be done with special programs like Titanium Backup, but this could theoretically turn the smartphone into a “brick”, and root-rights are needed to install Titanium Backup. In general, let yourself be updated.

You can find Instant Apps settings in the Google section. To do this, open the “Settings” on the desktop.

Go to the Google section.

Click on the line Google Play Instant (may be called “Applications with instant launch”).

Choose your account.

Confirm action.

Now find the instant launch app on the Play Market. Let there be a Viki app. On the application page, you see the “Try” button – it says that the specified application supports instant launch. Click on her.

Wait for the launch.


If you liked the application, you can install it.

But what’s interesting: despite the fact that the technology has existed for more than one year at the time of writing, articles with instant launch in the Play Market are minuscule.