iPhone 5s and 6 without Touch ID: what is it?

Some time ago, our site talked about restored iPhones. Recall that these are devices that Apple itself restores (replaces part of the components with new ones) and returns them on sale with a full warranty.

Recently, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 models without Touch ID (proprietary fingerprint scanner) began to appear on sale, the cost of which is significantly lower than even restored iPhones, not to mention new ones. So, for example, the cost of a restored iPhone 5s without Touch ID is about 10-11 thousand rubles from a seller from a well-known ad platform versus 18-20 thousand for the same model, but when purchased from an official Apple partner with Touch ID (at the time of writing) . The public is surprised – they say, how is this possible? We also tried to figure this out, searched and found something interesting..

The first option is to buy an iPhone 5 under the guise of an iPhone 5s. The first, as we know, did not have a Touch ID, so it is likely that the seller cheated, trying to sell the iPhone 5 to a potential buyer, especially since the devices are identical in appearance.

The second option. Before you really iPhone 5s, which has been restored. Say, if the smartphone had a broken display, and the sloppy master changed it, he could touch the cable that connects the biometric sensor and the processor. When a loop breaks, Touch ID stops working, and its recovery is extremely difficult and expensive. That is why the Home key in this case ceases to work as a fingerprint scanner and performs a direct duty – when clicked, it opens the desktop.

Finally, the third option, the most interesting. He is shrouded in secrets and whether it is true, we do not know.

Some network resources suggest that such iPhones are indeed released at Apple’s factories as refurbished, but without Touch ID. At the same time, they are not delivered to us officially, because such devices can be called “gray”. But the trick is this: these smartphones smartphones work with all SIM cards, are activated, registered and updated in iTunes, are not blocked. Sellers even allow them to activate right on the spot! The cost of such pleasure is 10-11 thousand rubles at the time of writing the article for iPhone 5s. Wholesalers – significant discounts.

What unprecedented generosity? On the Internet, we found that Apple is thus trying to increase the share of devices sold, even if they are not officially delivered to us, but pass through third parties. In this case, it doesn’t matter, much more important – that the demand for such devices is extremely high and increases the overall sales of the iPhone, which is extremely important for Apple. Again, without official information, this is just speculation and nothing more, but even if this is true, buyers will not get worse. On the contrary, there is an opportunity to purchase an iPhone at a low cost. Well, is it worth it to buy, it’s up to you to decide, because we don’t know the truth.

If you have your own assumptions on this subject, we will gladly read them and publish them in the comments section of the article.