iPhone turns off in the cold: why and what to do?

Formally, winter lasts only 3 months, but in fact, even in the middle zone of Russia, it can linger for a month or two. With the onset of winter, problems arise, and often they appear, as it may seem, out of nowhere. For example, in the cold, your favorite iPhone simply turns off. Why is this happening, what to do and what other troubles should you expect? About all this – in our article.

Why iPhone turns off in the cold?

IPhone smartphones use lithium-ion polymer batteries (Li-Pol). In fact, these are advanced lithium-ion batteries, which are endowed with a higher energy density per unit volume and mass. However, such batteries have disadvantages: at temperatures below + 5 ° C, they can lose part of their properties, resulting in increased internal resistance, reduced capacity, batteries are not able to give the declared current, as a result of which the smartphone can simply turn on and off. Interestingly, the manufacturer itself does not prohibit the use of iPhone in the cold, in addition, it would be, to put it mildly, strange.

Note that modern models like the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 7 Plus, etc. turn off in the cold much less often. Most of all, models that have been used for a long time are subject to this: batteries have a limited number of duty cycles, and after crossing a certain threshold, they begin to rapidly lose their properties.

If your iPhone turned off in the cold, most likely nothing terrible happened and it turned off precisely because of the freezing temperature.

What to do if iPhone turns off in the cold?

First of all, you need to try turning on your iPhone. If he does not respond to pressing the Power key, you need to go into the room and wait 20-30 minutes until the device “warms up” to room temperature. After that, try turning it on.

If even after an hour or two of being indoors, the iPhone does not want to turn on, you need to put it on charge. Please note that in this case, the charging time of the smartphone may increase significantly – up to several hours.

If all else fails, contact a service center..

What other problems arise with the iPhone in the cold?

Shutting down in the cold is not the only problem that can wait for an iPhone user. What else?

  • Firstly, faster battery drain. This, again, is directly related to Li-Pol technology. However, we note that the problem of a faster discharge of the gadget in the cold is relevant for almost all devices with batteries.

  • Secondly, in the cold, the iPhone touch screen may stop responding. Imagine you are trying to click on the application icon, but nothing happens. It’s not worth the alarm, try entering the room and after a while the sensor should work.

How to protect your iPhone from the cold?

There is no ideal solution, but we will give some tips that can help keep your smartphone fully functional..

  • Try to keep the gadget as cold as possible. For example, talk with a friend and immediately put your iPhone in your pocket. Or even use a headset for communication.

  • Keep your phone in a pocket that is closer to your body – it’s warmest there. Or use the inside pocket of a jacket or down jacket.

You can purchase a case. The case saves the smartphone not only from scratches or drops, but also from the cold. Of course, in any case, the cover will not be able to completely protect from frost.