Made in PRC – which country?

Alexey left the following message in his comment on our website: “I purchased an external battery on a well-known Chinese site. When the battery was delivered, the package says Made in PRC. What kind of state is it and how did it happen that I ordered a battery in China, but it was made in some kind of PRC? ” The question is so interesting that we decided to put it in a separate article.

Many users are asking the exact same question as our reader Alex. Indeed, some time ago, many users began to receive purchases, on the packaging of which a certain PRC state (Made in PRC or Made in P.R.C) is indicated as the country of manufacture. And, interestingly, this concerns not only mobile equipment, but also other goods, including clothes or even cosmetics. Next are a few examples..



Battery for smartphone:

Wireless charger:



There were a great many proposals, one more beautiful than the other. So, for example, there is an entertaining version that the label P.R.C means the Republic of Kosovo. Agree, it sounds implausible, especially when you consider that the products from Kosovo suddenly began to be sold on Chinese Internet sites in huge quantities … The second, no less popular version – products from India are delivered under such markings. And this could well be believed, because India ranks second in terms of population and is engaged in the production of a wide variety of goods. But here’s the bad luck – India on the markings is designated exactly as India and nothing else. So what are we talking about?

We reveal the secret: PRC – this is the same China! Surprised? We admit, too. Why do some companies use Made in P.R.C instead of Made in China? The most common version is related to the fact that Chinese products are perceived negatively in many countries. Some users turn their nose if they tell them about the Chinese smartphone. But in China, almost all well-known smartphones are produced! Yes, yes, it is in Chinese factories that the same beloved iPhones are produced, not to mention other manufacturers. Has quality deteriorated from this? No! And yet, in order to get rid of obsessive thoughts in the heads of customers, some companies decided to use the abbreviation Made in P.R.C, which, by the way, stands for Made in People’s Republic of China – People’s Republic of China. As you can see, the casket just opened.

Does this mean that the inscription Made in P.R.C guarantees the quality of the goods? No, it doesn’t. The inscription only indicates the country of origin and only.