Mobile traffic limit exceeded. How to disable the traffic limit on the phone?

If you see the message “Mobile traffic limit exceeded” on the screen of your smartphone, this probably indicates that the settings set a limit on mobile traffic that has exhausted itself. The function is useful and is enabled by default on some smartphones. You can disable it. We will show an example based on Samsung.

Open the settings.

Next – “Connections”.

Here – “Data Usage”.

Then “Using Mobile Data”.

Click on the gear on the next page..

Use the switch to turn off the overspent warning..

Or set your traffic limit.

You can specify the beginning of the period.

By the way, all actions must be performed with connected mobile Internet.

If you have a Huawei or Honor smartphone, this item is located in the “Traffic statistics” section..

You can set a traffic limit for a month and enable notifications if necessary. Or disable.