Parental controls on an Android phone or tablet

Currently, many parents buy smartphones for their children. Whether this is the right step or not, everyone decides. We want to talk about something else – about parental control. Parental control allows you to control the device. What does it mean? For example, you can set the time during which the child will use a certain application, limit the list of available applications, etc. Without the knowledge of the parents, the child simply will not be able to fully use a smartphone or tablet. We’ll tell you how to set parental control on an Android phone or tablet.

Parental controls on the Play Market

Let’s start with the Google Play Market – the application has a built-in parental control that allows you to limit the capabilities of the application.

Go to the Play Market, swipe from the left frame to the right, so that the menu appears. In the menu, select “Settings”.

In the settings, find the item “Parental Control”.

Enable parental control by moving the slider to the appropriate position.

Next, create a PIN code and remember it.

Then set the rating for downloaded applications..

As you understand, a child without a PIN code will not be able to disable parental control.

3rd party applications

To create parental control, you must install the appropriate application. Some firmware already has an application for parental control, but in most cases you will have to turn to the Play Market for help. There are a lot of such applications, we will show an example on the Kids Place application from kiddoware, which can be used even without root rights.

Immediately after installation and launch, the application will require you to set a PIN code. Install and be sure to remember it.

Next, you will be asked to leave a hint for the pin code and enter an e-mail just in case – if the pin code is forgotten. We advise you to do it. If you are sure that you will not forget the numbers, click “Next”.

Now select the section. If you select “Lock the HOME button”, you will be taken to the settings section.

Here they are:

There you can configure the interface, add permissions to applications, set a timer, etc..

In general, there are tons of settings for every taste.

In the section with applications you can select those applications that will be displayed on the desktop for the child.

To disable the application, you must enter the installed PIN.

As you understand, this application is just an example, it shows how parental control works..