Power Down: how is it translated and what is it on Android?

Menu recovery is a special menu on Android smartphones, which allows, among other things, updating firmware or installing third-party menu recovery. If you opened it, by accident or on purpose, you may come across the names of the items that say little about. For example, what does Power Down mean??

It’s simple – Power Down translates as “power off”. If you want to disconnect your smartphone, just select this menu item. Here it is, by the way, in the recovery menu itself:

If you see another item that is similar in name, namely Power Off, know that they have exactly the same value – turn off the smartphone.

To restart the smartphone in normal operating mode, use the Reboot or Reboot System Now item:

In other types of menu recovery, the Power Down item is usually called Power Off. Example on Xiaomi and MIUI firmware:


But, once again, both options imply the same action – turning off the device.