Power Off: translation into Russian and what is it on Android?

If you are an avid user of Android smartphones, then you probably already encountered menu recovery – by accident or on purpose. Then you know that this menu consists of a large number of different items, the name of which in most cases does not say anything. In this short article we will talk about the item Power Off.

And to begin with, we recall that the menu recovery starts like this: the smartphone turns off.

Then, by pressing the mechanical keys, the menu recovery is turned on.

And here is the Power Off item.

It translates simply – “power off”. That is, in order to turn off the smartphone in recovery mode, you need to select and confirm this item – that’s all. Remember that sometimes this item has a different name – Power Down, which does not play any role, because it also turns off the smartphone.

In order not to turn off the smartphone, but to reboot it, use another menu item – Reboot or Reboot system now.

Power Off on Xiaomi with MIUI firmware:

TWRP menu recovery:

The latter, by the way, has touch control, and not mechanical (using the side mechanical keys).