Reboot system now: translation from English and what is it on Android?

Do you know what a menu recovery is? Our site talked about it some time ago. Many users with menu recovery encounter at a time when it is already loaded, and without the help of the user. How does this usually happen? Yes, it’s very simple: the smartphone is in a bag or pocket, with the “assistance” of other objects and pressing the mechanical keys, it turns off, after which the menu recovery is turned on in the same way (pressing the mechanical keys in a certain order). It looks something like this: first, the device turns off.

Then the recovery is turned on.

The user does not know what to do with an incomprehensible menu on the smartphone screen. However, some users specifically include a recovery menu to work with it..

This article will discuss one of the items on the recovery menu called Reboot system now. There he is:

Everything is very simple here: Reboot system now translates as “reboot the system now”, that is, this item simply reboots your device, and reboots in normal mode – not recovery. But if after selecting this item and confirming the action (usually the mechanical key for turning on the smartphone is used for this) the menu recovery is loaded again, most likely there are some problems with the system of your smartphone.

In some cases, this menu item is called simply – Reboot. Examples on Xiaomi and MIUI firmware:

TWRP menu recovery:

The latter, by the way, is touch-sensitive, which compares favorably with other types of menus.