Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S: which is better to buy?

In the very near future, Apple will present a new generation of the iPhone 7 smartphone, but in the meantime, the 6s model plays the role of the flagship. Samsung recently showed its new flagship Samsung Galaxy S7. These models are direct competitors, and therefore users often ask what to choose. We will talk about how the flagships differ, and in what they are similar..

Design and dimensions

The design of smartphones is completely different. If Samsung uses metal and glass, then the iPhone is just metal. Although it is impossible to call the use of glass an ideal option, since fingerprints remain on it. But the Galaxy S7 is very beautiful and stylish. Can this be said about 6S? The impression is spoiled by a strange bulging rim of the camera and these stripes on the back. However, in the iPhone 7, these unusual design elements will be changed. The rest is parity. As they say, the taste and color …

In front, the models, although not very similar, are made in the same style – glass with the Home button. If the iPhone is round, then the Galaxy is rectangular. It is interesting that Samsung has the same name under the speaker at the top of the case, the iPhone does not have anything like that. Body colors are different.

Of course, the Galaxy S7 is larger because it uses a 5.1-inch screen versus a 4.7-inch screen on the iPhone. The difference is small – 2 mm wide and 4 mm high. At the same time, the iPhone is slightly thinner – 7.1 mm vs 7.9 mm.


The displays are great on both devices, even though iPhone has a pixel density of only 326 ppi, while Samsung has 576 ppi. Does this mean that pixels will be visible on 6S? Well, if you just peer carefully, then something can be seen … In real life, you will not see any pixels.

Samsung uses the SuperAMOLED screen, its colors are brighter, on the iPhone they are not so bright, but, let’s say, closer to the “live” shades.

The iPhone has 3D Touch technology. This is a technology that allows you to recognize the force of pressing the screen and thanks to this, it opens up various settings for a particular application. It seems that the technology should have caused a sensation, but in fact, mass praise was not noticed. Just a new chip from Apple, which so far almost no one has.

And of course, the screen size. We wrote above that for Samsung it is 5.1 inches, for iPhone – 4.7 inches. What’s better? It’s up to you to decide: someone likes a smaller screen, someone else has a bigger one.


Samsung uses Android 6.0 with its own TouchWiz interface. Apple – iOS 9. Which of these firmwares is better, you can argue ad infinitum and we won’t do this. Each of these firmware has its own fans, so there is no point in arguing. We will only say that both firmwares are good in their own way and work very quickly.

Iron and performance

Galaxy S7 is more powerful. It uses 4 GB of RAM and a Samsung Exynos 8890 processor, while the iPhone 6S uses 2 GB of RAM and an Apple A9 processor. But looking at the dry numbers makes no sense, because the speed of work, according to various tests, the iPhone is a little faster. This was made possible thanks to the optimization that Apple experts are doing. But the difference is small, that is, the Galaxy S7 also works very quickly, its system will not cause you any complaints.

It is also worth noting that in both devices there will be no problems with launching applications, all of them should work with maximum settings.


Numerous tests and reviews on the network prove that Samsung’s camera is definitely better, and many even call it the best on the smartphone market. The Sony IMX260 sensor is installed here, the resolution is 12 MP, the pixel size is 1.4 microns, and the lens aperture has increased to f / 1.7. And Samsung’s camera sticks out only 0.46 mm from the case – a very good result.

Of course, the iPhone also has a very good camera, you can not argue with that, but the Galaxy S7 is still better.


Samsung has a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, iPhone – 1715 mAh. Is the difference obvious? If you believe the reviews of various users, then the iPhone really “lives” less with similar scenarios, but not much. This may be due to the fact that Samsung uses a screen with QHD-resolution. However, both devices should be more than enough for daylight hours..


The cost of the iPhone 6S 16Gb at the time of writing is about 41 thousand rubles. Samsung Galaxy S7 32Gb costs about 37 thousand rubles. The difference is small, but do not forget that Samsung is more modern and much better, and even cheaper. But this is only our opinion. What to choose – it’s up to you.