“System UI application stopped” on Samsung Galaxy. What to do?

On some Android devices, in particular, on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the “System UI application stopped” error can occasionally occur. It appears on the screen in front of the user’s eyes. Naturally, the question arises – what is this error and how to fix it?

As for the causes of this error, it is not yet known exactly why it makes itself felt. It is believed that an error may occur if you install a third-party launcher on the device, with problems with the cache and data in individual applications, as well as in the conflict of certain applications.

In any case, the issue must be resolved. Users have already managed to offer several solutions that should help..

Clearing the cache in the System UI application

First of all, let’s try to clear the cache in the System UI application.

Go to settings.

Find Application Manager.

Select all applications and find among them the “System UI”. Open app.

See the “Clear Cache” button? Click on it to clear the cache..

Reboot device.

Clearing the system interface application cache

Do the same thing, only now for the “System Interface” application.

Updating the Google app

Connect to the Internet (preferably via Wi-Fi) and launch the Play Market. In the Play Market, swipe from the left side of the screen to the right and select “My applications and games”.

See the installed applications. Find the Google app among them and tap on it.

Here you will see two buttons – “Delete” and “Update”. What to press? Here, the opinions of users are divided: some say that removing updates helped them, while others say updating to the latest version of the application. Therefore, you do this: first click on the “Delete” button.

Do not worry, the application itself will not be deleted, only updates are deleted.

Then, if this method did not help you, click on the “Update” button so that the application is updated to the latest version.

Check if the error has disappeared.

Do you have a different solution? Share it with us and other users.