Tablet or e-book: which is better?

Some time ago there was a boom in e-books. No wonder: in a small device the size of a little more than a smartphone can be a hundred books at a time! Moreover, the device itself is placed in a handbag, and sometimes even in your pocket. But with the advent of tablets, the demand for e-books began to decline. Are tablets so much better? It is not that simple.

Better ebook?

Almost all modern e-books support most popular formats, so there are no problems with buying books in electronic form. That is, I bought the file, transferred it to the device and read the book for your pleasure.

It is imperative to note the screen of the e-book. As a rule, a special electronic ink technology is used. The bottom line is that the text on the screen is very similar to the text in a real book, while flicker is simply absent, so that your eyes do not get tired when reading. And so that there would be no glare in the sun, the screen is covered with a matte surface. True, backlighting is required for reading at night – it is also supported by most devices.

E-books are usually smaller than tablets, not to mention weight, where the difference can be two or three times in favor of electronic books. This is primarily due to the screen diagonal: if a small tablet has a screen diagonal of 7 inches, then e-books can have a 6-inch screen, which is enough for comfortable reading.

Despite its smaller dimensions, the battery life of an e-book can greatly surprise you. As a rule, it is designed to read several far from the smallest works, that is, you can use the book for weeks or even months until the battery runs out! This is not surprising, because there is no color screen that quickly discharges the battery, and even the energy consumption actually occurs only when turning pages.

E-books are often cheaper than tablets, but not always. So, for example, unpretentious tablets were equal in cost to e-books, and sometimes they are even cheaper.

Better tablet?

The main feature of the tablet is the widest functionality. It is not just a device on which you can read books. No, this is a small computer with which you can surf the Internet, watch movies, listen to music, play games and, of course, read books. This is one of the main reasons why users prefer tablets..

True, with regard to reading, due to the peculiarity of the screens, reading books on tablets is not so convenient, and your eyes can get tired quickly – this must be taken into account.

Tablets have the function of supporting Wi-Fi, often 3G, GPS, etc. You will not find any of this in e-books, although there are exceptions. However, surfing the Internet on a black and white screen of an e-book, to put it mildly, is not very convenient.

Tablets support a lot of all kinds of software. If the e-book does not support some format for reading a file, you can download an application on the tablet that supports this format.

Tablet screens are often larger. For some users, this is a significant plus.

The tablets have a camera that will allow you to take a picture if necessary.

What to choose – tablet or e-book?

The choice depends solely on what goals you pursue. So, if you plan to read books and do nothing more with the device, of course, you should purchase an e-book.

If you need a digital “harvester” that you are going to use to watch movies, read books, surf the Internet, etc., you should buy a tablet.