The Android phone is quickly discharged. What to do?

Today, a fairly large number of smartphones are on sale, which can boast a 4000-5000 mAh battery – compared to the usual 2000-2800 mAh. It would seem that this is the solution to the problem! But in reality, everything is not so simple. Firstly, in an effort to reduce the thickness of the device, manufacturers are forced to sacrifice a powerful battery, and secondly, the presence of such a powerful battery does not guarantee long-term operation of the smartphone, because this also depends on the firmware settings.

In principle, almost all smartphones can easily withstand daylight hours, if you constantly use them, and some last for 2-3 days and this is an excellent result. But even smartphones with a powerful battery can start to discharge unexpectedly quickly. What is the reason and how to solve the problem?

OS crash

The very first thing that comes to mind is a glitch in the operating system. Nothing ideal exists in the world, therefore it is quite possible that some kind of failure really occurred in the system. What need to do? Right, reboot the device. If you do not have a “Restart” button, turn off the device and turn it on again.

If after a reboot the problem with the battery is gone, it remains to be happy for you.

Application conflicts or battery consumption by the application

Some of the applications may conflict with each other. In some cases, a single installed application may become the source of the battery’s battery. Which one?

You need to go into the device’s settings, select the “Battery” section and here you will see which of the applications consumes the most energy. In our case, there are no such sources..

If root-rights are set, you can use the application to check the battery drain by other applications – there are plenty of these in the Google Play Store.

In the absence of root-rights, if you could not find out the source of the problems, you will have to remove the last installed applications one by one until you find the source of the increased battery zhora.

Why does the battery go in this case? Most likely, the application does not go into sleep mode, and in addition, it can constantly use GPS, a processor, etc..

Firmware problem

This will not be a revelation for anyone – some firmwares are really distinguished by increased “consumption” of battery power, and users of many devices have faced this problem. The only solution in this case is to update the firmware, if possible, or roll back to an earlier version of the firmware, in which the battery did not quickly discharge.

Now let’s talk about how to increase the battery life of your smartphone or tablet.

Disabling Communications

Everything is simple here – if you do not use cards, the Internet and do not listen to music using the Bluetooth function, you need to turn off all these communication tools, as they can drain the battery. Only turn them on when you really need them..

Disabling communications is easy with the usual curtain:

If something does not work with the curtain, turn off the communication means through the settings.

Using Flight Mode

“Flight mode” allows you to disable all functions that are somehow connected with the mobile network and not only – all possible communications are turned off.

“Airplane mode” should be used if you are on a plane or metro, or if you do not want to receive calls from anyone.

Using 2G Network Only Mode

This mode is recommended to use if you access the network from your device via Wi-Fi.

You can find this mode in the Mobile Networks section of your device or under the curtain.

Brightness adjustment

The higher the brightness of the screen, the faster the battery runs out – hardly anyone knows about it. Accordingly, if possible, use a brightness mode so that your eyes are comfortable and the battery does not discharge immediately.

As for the auto brightness adjustment, this is also a very useful function, including for saving energy, but it does not always work correctly, that is, it sometimes overestimates the brightness, which in turn affects the battery discharge.

Decrease display latency

This is the so-called sleep mode, when the display turns off when inactive. The smaller the number, the better, but don’t sacrifice your comfort, so 30 seconds will be enough.

Vibration Off

Vibration can very seriously affect battery drainage, so it’s better to turn off this mode altogether.

Although for some modes, if there is such a need, vibration can be left.

Disable auto-update applications

The Google Play Store has the ability to turn off automatic application updates, which can drain the battery when connected to the network.

Using dark wallpapers

This method is suitable only for AMOLED screens, since only bright pixels are highlighted in them. Accordingly, if you put dark wallpapers, the battery drain decreases.


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