The fastest smartphone 2017

What do you think, how can you determine the fastest smartphone? The best option is to take several devices and compare the speed of work. But where to get so many smartphones to choose the best? It becomes clear that such a test is impossible. How to be?

One option is to trust the so-called synthetic tests. There are special applications that test devices, and then give out the result in the form of glasses. The more points, the theory, the faster, more powerful and more productive the gadget. Is it really? Most often, yes, but there are exceptions, because the application is not able to see that the device, even the most powerful one, slows down when turning the desktop. Nevertheless, at the moment this is the best opportunity to compare the best and latest smartphones..

One such test is the Antutu Benchmark, which is very popular. We will show you the test results based on this application. The data on the page will be periodically updated..

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7

OnePlus OnePlus 3T 64Gb

LeEco Pro3

ZUK Edge 6GB

Smartisan m1

Smartisan M1L

OnePlus OnePlus3

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus

Xiaomi Mi5S