The phone says that there is not enough space, although it is full there. What to do?

This is the question we received from one of the users of our site, Alexey. He writes that when downloading the application from the Google Play Store, an error is displayed: “The application could not be downloaded. There is not enough space in the device’s memory. ” At the same time, there is plenty of memory space – at least a few gigabytes, while the amount of the downloaded application is only a few megabytes. What to do, how to be?

Here is the error when downloading the application:

We’ll say right away that there’s no single solution to this problem, so we’ll look at various options that can help solve the problem..

Clearing the cache in the Play Market app

If you believe the numerous reviews in Runet, then the first thing the user needs to do is clear the cache for the Play Market application. It’s recommended to start this action in the first place precisely in cases when there is a lot of space on the device and the application is not installed.

Go to the “Settings” of your phone or tablet.

Choose the section “Applications”.

Find and tap the Google Play Store app.

Click on the line “Memory”.

Here is the “Clear Cache” button. Press, if necessary, confirm the action for cleaning.

Just in case, you’re doing the same with the Google Play Services application..

You can click on the “Reset” button in the “Memory” section – more data will be deleted, that is, this method is even more correct, however, most likely, you will have to re-enter your Google account, so make sure to remember the password from it.

After that, try to install the application from the Market.

Make sure that the memory is really enough

In some cases, the available memory may not be true. For example, you think that a few more gigabytes of memory are available, but in reality only a few megabytes. To make sure there is free memory, go to “Settings” and select the “Memory” section.

As you can see, in our case there is more than enough free memory.

Clear device contents

Modern firmware usually has built-in functionality for cleaning up unused files that take up extra space. Huawei / Honor example.

Open the Phone Manager application.

Next – “Clearing the memory”.

Choose what to remove.

Do not forget that you can manually delete files such as photos or videos. You can use the file manager for this..

Select the desired section, let it be “Video”.

Select files and click “Delete”.

If you cannot find a program for cleaning up unnecessary files on your smartphone, use the Play Market. In the search, specify a key like “clear phone memory” (without quotes).

Install the application of your choice and use it.

Transfer applications to a memory card

If you have a memory card and it is possible to transfer applications to it from the main memory (alas, this is rare), use this opportunity not to delete applications.

To do this, go to settings, then to the “Applications” section. Here, select the application you need and click on the button “Transfer to memory card (in our case, the button says“ Go to SD card ”).

Please note that system applications are not migrated..

What else can help?

Online tips that may or may not help. If it’s worth using, it is only in the most extreme cases, when nothing helps at all. You can also try:

  • Uninstall updates for the Google Play application (the second part in the article is on this page). And if the Play Market is not updated in your case, be sure to update.
  • Clear Dalvik Cache Using Recovery Mode.
  • Make a system reset. In this case, all data will be cleared, and the files will be deleted..