The subscriber’s phone is temporarily unavailable: what does this mean?

Imagine that you are calling someone from your relatives, friends or work colleagues on a mobile phone, and in response you hear the phrase: “The subscriber is temporarily unavailable. Please call later. ” Is that familiar? Surely you have listened to this phrase more than once. What does she mean? By the way, this phrase can be heard regardless of your mobile operator or the operator of the user you are calling, including MTS, Beeline, Megaphone or Tele2.

There may be several reasons, we will talk about them in detail.

Signal loss

The most common reason is the loss of the signal of the phone or smartphone. This usually happens if the user is in a place where communication may not be available to him. So, for example, this can happen in a subway tunnel or outside a city in a forest.

Device is off

The second common reason is that the phone is turned off. Whether the owner turned off the device or it was turned off due to a discharged battery does not matter. The main thing is that the device is turned off. However, if you take modern smartphones, you can use the flight mode in them, which allows you not to turn off the smartphone itself, while disabling all available communications.

SIM card removed from tray

This option is also possible when the device does not have a SIM card. The owner of the phone could take it out. There are times when a SIM card is taken out of the device by thieves who stole it. This alignment is unlikely, but in theory it is possible.

Network congestion

In rare cases, network congestion is possible – at such moments you can hear the phrase “The subscriber is temporarily unavailable. Please call later. ” But this, we repeat, rarely happens, for example, on holidays like the New Year, when all the subscribers at the same time begin to call relatives and congratulate them on the holiday.


At some events, the connection is intentionally “jammed”, that is, the subscriber is in the coverage area of ​​the network, but cannot reach anyone, just like he cannot be called.

Phone problems

Even more rarely, situations arise when the problem is in the phone or smartphone itself. It is recommended to reboot the device and check it for the possibility of receiving communication.

Well, in most cases, you just need to call the subscriber back after a while – as soon as he becomes available. In addition, all operators have a function that sends SMS to your number if the subscriber appears on the network (the service on your tariff can be disabled, be careful).