The tablet does not charge: why and what to do?

Today, tablets are very popular, which is not surprising – for many users they have replaced computers and laptops. In fact, why do you need a massive device when it can be replaced by a light tablet? On the tablet you can surf the Internet, play games and even work.

In tablets, as in any other electronic devices, problems may occur. For example, a tablet may simply stop charging. Why is this happening and what to do in this case?

Reboot device

The very first thing we can advise in this situation is to reboot the device. There may be some kind of failure in the system and a reboot will fix the problem. Please note that on some tablets there is no restart as such: first you need to turn off the device, then turn it on again.

Change charger

If the reboot failed, the problem may be with the charger. If possible, use a different charger. If your tablet is charging with it, great.

It should be noted that chargers can be “buggy”. For example, quite often there are cases when charging works at its discretion – today it does not want to work and charge the device, and the next day it works as before. Such a charger is better to replace, as it can damage the tablet.

By the way, the chargers themselves, although inexpensive, are better to use the original ones, but they just cost significantly more.

Check cable

It is also worth paying attention to the cable, and not just to the charger. This is especially true in cases where you have pets that do not mind eating wires.

In this case, everything is simple – replace the cable with a new one and see if the tablet is charging.

Clean contacts

It often happens that there is voltage, the current strength is normal, the LED on the charger is lit, confirming the fact that charging is in progress. Only now the tablet itself is not charging. In this case, you should check the contacts – a lot of dirt can accumulate in them. Cleaning contacts can help.

At the same time, move the connector, maybe it’s in it. This may be due to the fact that some contact is moving away..

Charging a tablet from a computer

Sometimes users complain that the tablet is not charging from the computer, and charging from the charger. Why? This is due to the fact that tablets really do not always charge from the computer, because they simply do not have enough power. There are no such problems with the charger. Just take it as a feature.

Plug in the charge and wait

If all else fails, try connecting the tablet to the charger and leaving it as such for an hour or two. Perhaps after some time it will begin to charge. It’s hard to say exactly what this “amateur activity” is connected with, but believe me, the way is.

Reflash the tablet

In exceptional cases, the problem may be software related. It is recommended to either roll back the device to its original state or reflash (update) it.

Again, this happens in rare cases.

The tablet does not charge and does not turn on

It is recommended to charge it for at least several hours. The battery may have completely discharged, resulting in a shutdown. Now it will take him a lot more time to charge, so be patient.

In what cases should I contact a service center?

  • If you drop the tablet and now it does not charge and does not turn on.
  • If the tablet does not charge due to a power controller failure.
  • If none of the methods described above helped you.