What do checkboxes in WhatsApp mean in messages?

Users who have installed WhatsApp messenger on their smartphone sometimes wonder how the checkboxes that appear when sending messages work. For example, why only one checkmark (gray) appears or two checkmarks, which can be either gray or blue. Now we will tell you in detail.

Two blue checkmarks

Two blue checkmarks next to the sent message mean that the user has received and read your message. Sometimes it happens that a user opens a chat window, but is distracted and has not read your message, but the checkmarks will still be blue, which is logical.

Two gray checkmarks

They mean that your message was sent and delivered to the subscriber (with the Internet turned on), but has not yet been read.

In addition, the color of gray checkmarks to blue may not change if the subscriber has disabled the display of reading reports in the settings of the messenger. That is, he reads the message, but the color of the checkmarks does not change. At the same time, the subscriber does not see reports on reading other users.

One gray checkmark

The message was sent, but not delivered, as an example, if the subscriber disconnected the Internet or smartphone. As soon as you turn on the Internet or device, it will receive your message.


The clock icon is visible to the user who sent the message. It usually indicates one thing – there are any problems with the network connection, so the message is not sent, but is on the list for sending. As soon as the connection (Internet) appears, the message will be automatically sent.

Information about sending and reading a message

Not everyone knows what in WhatsApp you can find out when a user received and even read a message. To do this, select the message you sent earlier, press it with your finger and hold for 1-2 seconds, for example:

Message selected. Now click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

A small menu appeared, click “Data”.

Information about the selected message is shown here..

However, it can not always be considered reliable. Why? For example, a user could read your message using pop-up messages on the smartphone screen, while since he did not open the message in the messenger, it will be considered unread.