What does iPhone RFB mean?

If you suddenly decided to buy a new iPhone and decided to go to some famous hardware store, there (and not only there) you can see something like this: iPhone 6S RFB, while its cost will be lower than for the same iPhone without an inscription . What does that mean?

RFB is short for Refurbished, that is, refurbished or restored. Sometimes stores write “Recycled” on the price tag, but RFB or small rfb letters are often indicated. Actually, this is the reason for the lower cost of the device – it’s a restored iPhone, but if you think that it was restored somewhere in the local service, you are mistaken – large networks work with devices that were officially restored by Apple itself, although if you buy such a gadget with a hand, perhaps it was not restored at the Apple factory.

What does a refurbished iPhone mean? This means that the device undergoes a complete recovery procedure, which includes the replacement of the case and screen. That is why the iPhone RFB and the new are no different in terms of appearance. Moreover, the device is guaranteed.

Example RFB iPhone on Yandex.Market:

You can purchase a refurbished iPhone 5S, 6, 6S (at the time of writing). Probably, according to the same scheme, it will be possible to purchase more recent generations of iPhone.