What does the APK file extension mean?

Imagine that you sent a certain file to the mailbox that has the extension APK. What can he mean? How to use it? The answer to this question seems simpler than you might think..

In fact, the .apk extension usually means the archive executable application file format for the Android operating system. The application is compiled and packaged into a single file, which includes the application code, resources, assets, etc. Please note that the file name can be absolutely anything, but the extension does not change, for example, File.apk.

Here is the file itself:

Where to find such files? That’s right, in the Google Play online store, where you can download and install applications on your Android device: smartphone, tablet, TV, etc. At the same time, when downloading an application from the store, its installation is automatic. You can download the file with the .apk extension from other resources, which, however, is undesirable.

For the application, there may be a so-called cache, which our site has already talked about. A cache is an archive that contains data for launching an application, including levels, textures, application data, audio clips, etc..

As a rule, the cache is used for games: the user downloads the APK-file, installs it. He also independently sets the cache, which contains the necessary files to run the game. If the application is downloaded in the online store, the cache can be downloaded automatically from the network when the application starts.

In some cases, the cache is sewn into the installation file and does not require the installation of additional files.

Installing an APK file, if it was not downloaded from the Google Play store, is extremely simple: you need to run the file using any file manager by tapping it once. A window will appear where the “Install” button and permissions for the application will be.

Installation is automatic.

Please note that in some cases, the file with the APK extension may be associated with other software, for example, the Active Tutor Project. And yet, in most cases, it is about the Android operating system, that is, executable application files.