What is a bootlap on a smartphone?

Butlup – such a word can be found in the communication environment of smartphone owners. What does it mean? A bootlop is the English word bootloop, which was formed from two words: boot (reboot) and loop (loop), that is, a cyclic reboot of the operating system. Still not getting it? Let’s do this: you decided to install custom firmware on your smartphone, did everything according to the instructions, reboot the device and … And it cannot load the system, showing you the same picture. By the way, this state of the smartphone is often called a “brick”, since the device essentially turns into a “brick” – you can’t use it anyway.

Why does a bootlap arise? As a rule, this is due to incorrect flashing: even if everything is done strictly according to the instructions, there is a chance to “brick” the smartphone. Although sometimes there are situations when a bootloop appears on a smartphone with stock (native) firmware after a banal reboot – this already refers to a failure in the system. It is worth noting that in some cases, the smartphone simply needs to be restarted again, after which the problem will go away. Alas, this is rather an exception to the rule..

How to get rid of a bootlap after flashing? There is no single solution, it all depends solely on the model of your smartphone and the instructions that you used to flash the device. Perhaps the installation of another firmware will help, in other cases, you need to resort to other actions. This can usually be found on the same resource where you found the flashing instructions..

What does a bootlap look like on a smartphone screen? Usually this is just a screensaver that constantly repeats. Example on Samsung:

Xiaomi example:

Example on HTC:

Be careful when flashing your devices.