What is a DRM license for Android?

The Android operating system at first glance seems simple, but there are so many things in it that when you start sorting out the points, your eyes run wide. Some points are really surprising for users. For example, what does “Reset DRM (Remove All DRM Licenses)” mean? A question few answer.

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, which can be translated as Digital Rights Management. In simple terms, DRM is a anti-piracy technology and is used by copyright holders to control access and copy work that they own. DRM is literally a lock, thanks to which the user will not be able to copy or sell this or that product. Probably some superhackers will be able to crack the DRM code, but for the average user the technology will play the role of a sort of protection. By the way, in some cases, DRM technology allows you to delete a file from a user’s device remotely! However, this applies to exceptional cases and only certain content or software..

When and where does DRM technology meet?

  • To run a file or program code on a specific device.
  • To play files.
  • To play files in a specific program.

What does a DRM license mean??

In the Android operating system, you can find the item in the “Recovery and reset” section, which is called “Removing DRM licenses” or “Resetting DRM licenses.” What does it mean?

A DRM license is a digital key that allows you to decrypt content or gives you the right to use it. In the case of Android, we can talk about a license for certain software. For example, a manufacturer embeds an application in the firmware that, after activation, works for a month during the trial period. After a month, access to the application is blocked and you need to buy a full version. This is a DRM license, or rather, one of the many possible.

Reset DRM Licenses

So now you know what a DRM license is. It remains to be seen whether it is possible to delete licenses from a smartphone or tablet. And here we are faced with a very interesting fact: the fact is that if you previously purchased some application or other content with a license, after resetting, you can tritely lose access to this application itself. That is why you need to do a DRM license reset very carefully, otherwise the consequences may not make you happy.