What is a gadget?

We hear this word quite often in everyday life, for example, by going to a store that sells electronic equipment. Or we meet the term on the Internet – on our site we often use it. Hence the question – what does the word gadget mean?

Gadget in translation from English means a device, device or even a trinket. As a rule, it is a small device that facilitates and improves the life of an ordinary person. Then another question – what kind of device can it be??

Many devices can be safely called gadgets, including smartphones and tablets, music players, electronic patches, smart watches, fitness bracelets, etc. In other words, all the small electronic devices that we use in life can be called gadgets..

Do you want visually? You are welcome!

This is a gadget (iPhone 7 Plus smartphone):

This is a gadget (iPad mini 4 tablet):

This is a gadget (Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet):

This is a gadget (Fiio X1 portable player):

Please note that the gadget can also be called a small application that carries additional information, such as exchange rates or weather forecasts. Such gadgets can be found on the screen of the same smartphones or tablets. True, we usually call them widgets. Here’s what they look like: