What is a gyroscope in a phone and why is it needed?

A gyroscope is such a device that is capable of responding to changes in the orientation angles of the body on which it is mounted, relative to an inertial reference system. The simplest example of a gyroscope is a spinning top toy.

It is believed that the gyroscope was created by the German astronomer and mathematician John Bonenberger in 1817, although there are other data in which Bonenberger is mentioned as the creator of the device back in 1813.

Gyroscopes are used in shipping, astronautics, aviation, household appliances, toys, etc. Of course, the gyroscope is also used in mobile devices..

There is an opinion that a gyroscope is the same as an accelerometer, but it is not at all. If the latter measures the projection of the apparent acceleration, then the gyroscope fixes the position of the object in space relative to three planes. However, these two devices perform similar functions: the gyroscope is responsible for small movements in any plane, while the accelerometer is responsible for turning the display. Anyway, if both of these devices are installed in your device, it reacts much better and faster to various movements.

What is a gyroscope for??

A gyroscope is used for various purposes. For example, in many devices it is possible to use various functions by shaking. For example, shaking you can answer a call or switch a song in the player.

Of course, a gyroscope is also used in games. And although the accelerometer plays most of the role, coupled with the gyroscope, the game becomes much more interesting due to the realistic picture, when entering the turn in a virtual machine is similar to a trip in a real car.