What is a hygrometer in a phone?

Formally, a hygrometer is a special measuring device that allows you to determine air humidity. There are a fairly large number of hygrometers, the action of which is based on various principles..

Here’s what a typical mechanical hygrometer looks like:

And so – no less popular electronic:

As you can see, a certain figure is indicated on it as a percentage. There are norms of relative humidity at which a person is comfortable in the room. So, the norm of relative humidity in the room is approximately 40% to 60% (figures may vary). If the indicated figure is lower or higher than normal, a person may experience discomfort, he may have health problems.

In smartphones, not so long ago began to use hygrometer sensors. They allow you to find out the humidity. To do this, you just need to install a special application from Google Play Maket.

We used the Borce Trajkovski Hygrometer application on a smartphone that is equipped with a hygrometer sensor. They started the application and almost immediately saw the result:

As you can see, in our case the air humidity is low, which is not surprising, since the measurements were carried out in a heated room with closed windows.