What is a launcher and what is it for?

In fact, the word launcher, which is translated into Russian as “launcher” or “launcher”, is correctly called “launcher”, although the word “launcher” is much more popular with us. We will call this word also – for convenience. Launcher (shell) for Android is called an application that allows you to change the appearance of the desktop, the menu of some applications, their icons, widgets, lock screen, etc. In addition, some launchers have additional features. For example, they allow you to clear the memory with one tap on the application icon.

Here’s a banal example: on many devices standard Android firmware is used, sometimes the device manufacturer adds some application applications to it and slightly changes the appearance. Some users do not like such a shell, but do not worry, because its appearance is easy to change using the launcher.

Currently, there are a huge number of various launchers that you can download on the Play Market. Not all of them are free, some can be purchased for money, and the free version in this case is usually offered in the form of an “easy” form, the functionality of which is limited. If the user likes the shell, he can purchase its full version with advanced functionality. Or use the Lite version.

Next, we will show some examples of popular launchers..

Nova launcher

iOS 13 Launcher

Microsoft launcher

Yandex.Luncher with Alice

POCO Launcher 2.0

Of course, these are just a few launchers. There are plenty of them on the Play Market, which you can see for yourself..

Smartphone Installation

Go to the Play Market.

In the search we indicate the word launcher and press the search button.

Choose a launcher.

Let there be a launcher from Microsoft for an example. Install it.

The “Open” button indicates that the application is installed. Push.

Click “Getting Started”.

We provide permissions (some – only at your request).

Next, click “Let’s Go”.

You can assign this launcher by default, then when you exit any application you will not need to re-enable the installed launcher.


The used launcher is shown as an example, you can set any other to taste. Instructions for changing the launcher or uninstalling.